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Electrical Controls Technician

At Specialty Equipement, the palletizers, fillers and conveyor systems we manufacture require state-of-the-art controls.  A controls technician initiates every system we provide.  Often a controls technician will handle several projects simultaneously.  This position is critical to the success of each project and requires flexibility, and open-minded attitude and concise communications.

This position requires education and experience in the following areas:

  • Programming ladder logic controllers, i.e. Allen Bradley SLC 500 and PLC5.
  • Motor starter design and component selection.
  • Control panel design and layout.
  • A good understanding of control circuit wiring including electrical components, i.e. solenoid valves, limit switch, photo eye, prox switch, reversing circuits and pressure switches.  An understanding of pneumatic and hydraulic circuits will be helpful.
  • PC based programming, i.e. Visual Basic C or C++ and AutoCad experience recommended but not mandatory.

Houston, Texas
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